As individuals, we have a responsibility to the environment in which we live, the people and the nature that surrounds us. Paper bags from our production are made of paper that comes from sustainable forests that are constantly renewed and whose exploitation is done in balance with the environment.

Paper bags are made of cellulose paper which is a biodegradable material. It takes 6-8 weeks for the paper bag to break down, without harming the environment.

Paper bags can be used multiple times due to their strength.

Paper bags can be recycled several times, which greatly reduces the consumption of new production materials.

Encreased demand for environmentally-friendly packaging

It is a common market demand that paper bags have a FSC™ certificate.


On request, our products can be supplied and manufactured with FSC™ (FSC-C123233) certified material in compliance with the standards required by the certification system, using materials from a certified supply chain.

Our company is FSC™ certified, which helps take care of forests for future generations.


BRC global standard for packaging and packaging materials

The BRC Packaging Standard is the first packaging standard to be recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative benchmarking committee.